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August 24, 2022

Feeling stuck?

Maybe you’re fresh out of school or finishing soon and feeling unsure about your options. Or you’re already working but want to get one step closer to that dream job.

What if you could spend a year or so earning a wage to find your passion and plan your future?

It’s called a business traineeship. It’s a Certificate III in Business qualification that will help you get entry-level training to prepare you for office roles in a heap of different industries.

Not only will you build your skills portfolio, but you’ll also get paid to learn.

How to get started

You’ll need a GTO (Group Training Organisation) to employ you, support your learning and place you with the right business.

An office traineeship can be completed within 12 to 18 months and there are two ways you will learn. One is on the job gaining useful, relevant experience. The other is outside of the office where you learn the theory.

Lakita’s Story

PEER is all about creating opportunities for career and personal development through training. Along with that important piece of paper at the end of your training, you’ll be on track to discover your ideal career. Just ask BHP’s Lakita, she’s achieved her qualification, got a job she loves and more!

“I did my traineeship with BHP and when I finished, they employed me in a business administration role. I love the flexibility and diversity in my job and the exciting thing is that it benefits me personally — if I need anything, I’ve got a good support network also I’m more confident.

When I started, I wanted to be a manager but now I’m interested in specialist roles. Doing a traineeship has been financially good and has helped me take the next steps in my career studying for a degree in Human Resources and a Certificate IV in Project Management.”

PEER will help you get there

Basically, a traineeship is a short term professional and personal development experience that is designed to help you plan your career. And we’re with you all the way coaching and mentoring at each stage of your learning to help you reach your goals and get ready for what comes next.

Need more information, or ready to get into a traineeship? Have a chat with our customer service team on 8348 1200 or send us an email

* This qualification is delivered by Auctus Training and Education



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