PEER Apprentices WIN again!
November 9, 2016

South Australia’s top apprentices in the electrical and communications industries were recognised for their outstanding achievements at the 2016 NECA SA Industry Gala Dinner at the Adelaide Convention Centre held on Friday 26 August 2016.

These top apprentices were assessed on their technical abilities, general knowledge, attitude and desire to succeed in their career.

Thank you to all the Host Employers who have supported these apprentices through the award process and for your contribution to the success of their achievements.

PEER is very excited that the following apprentices won awards on the night:

Commercial/Domestic Category

1st place: Sally Hansen, Host Employer: Smart Switch Electrical

Communications Category

1st place: Jakeb Solley, Host Employer: Adelaide HealthTec
2nd place: Joshua Templeton, Host Employer: Complete Security Integration

Industrial Category

1st place: Jack Soames, Host Employer: Structural Group Australia
2nd place: Christopher Morley, Host Employer: Nilsen (SA)

PEER would like to congratulate these apprentices for their outstanding achievements and all the other award winners on the night. Well done!


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