Pathway to Success in Plumbing Industry
February 25, 2022

PEER’s vocational high school programs are a great way to start a trade career while completing SACE.
For students seeking to take the vocational training pathway, PEER offers programs in electrotechnology, electronics, plumbing and engineering.

One popular program is the plumbing pathway to an apprenticeship. Students with an interest in plumbing can undertake a Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre Apprenticeship) while at school. This contributes to their SACE completion. Students will engage in new skills that can be used later in their career and in a workplace setting which may increase employment opportunities as an apprentice.

Once they have completed the high school plumbing program, students may go on to apply for PEER’s pre-apprenticeship program.
Providing they pass all of the necessary entry requirements, students may be accepted into the free 8 week program which teaches the necessary skills required to transition quickly into a trade. With a 2-week work experience placement included, participants learn first-had insights into their chosen career pathway and can decide whether it is the right choice for them.

With the program teaching valuable industry skills, this can significantly improve their changes of obtaining an apprenticeship.

The feedback from learners completing this free course is generally positive and although PEER cannot guarantee employment at the end of their course, many go on to obtain an apprenticeship.
That is not where it ends for the apprentices who will then go on to attend PEER for trade training and learning at their Albert Park trade school.

The PEER training way encourages apprentices to be the best versions of themselves and to become the most outstanding tradespeople in the industry.

Did you know that any plumbing apprentice can learn at PEER? Find out more here


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