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Master Plumbers south australia

PEER is proud to support the Master Plumbers Association of South Australia (MPA SA) as an important industry resource for plumbers and the plumbing industry.

Plumbing apprentices are able to join MPA SA for just $100 per year and receive a range of benefits and great social activities.

Questions? Contact Master Plumbers SA on 08 8292 4000


Become an apprentice member of Master Plumbers South Australia and receive a range of benefits.

More info on Apprentice Membership.

Full Membership

Full membership of MPA SA includes a range of services and benefits which are designed to assist members in running their business successfully and effectively.

Below is a brief overview of the Member services and benefits provided by MPA SA.

Membership Services Include:

  • Assistance with Government Departments
  • Award and Wage advice and assistance
  • Access to an 'hourly rate' calculator tool
  • Business Mentoring and advice
  • Member Terms and Conditions
  • Industrial Relations advice
  • Legal Assistance and advice
  • Legislation news and advice
  • Members only access to website
  • Access to Membership items, including vehicle stickers
  • Use of our trusted MPA Logo
  • Plumbing and Gas Standards (AS/NZS3500 & AS/NZS5601)
  • Plumbing SA Magazine
  • Regular Member emails with latest industry and Member news
  • 'Find a Plumber' Referrals
  • Option to have Tenders emailed weekly
  • Technical advice and information
  • Training Discounts
  • Work Health and Safety advice and support


Contact Master Plumbers SA on 08 8292 4000

"Everyone has been supportive at PEER and at my host company. I didn't have trade experience before entering my apprenticeship so everyone has been patient with my learning. What I enjoy about my apprenticeship is the mix of practical and theory, it's a good balance."



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