Important message from PEER
October 27, 2022

Changes have recently been made to South Australia’s management of COVID-19, removing the mandated requirement to isolate in many settings when testing positive to COVID-19. It is still strongly recommended for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19, particularly for those who are symptomatic, to self-isolate until acute symptoms have cleared and avoid contact with others to minimise the risk of you spreading the disease. We will continue to monitor SA Health advice, in case this situation changes. SA Health’s current advice can be found at:

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that if you are feeling unwell, PEER requests you do not attend trade school where practicable. This will reduce the risk of you spreading your illness to your colleagues and potentially aid your recovery. PEER remains committed to offering flexibility with your learning, so if you are unable to attend Trade School, subject to approval from your employer, you are still able to login remotely via PEER Campus.

If you are feeling unwell and not able to attend Trade School, please remember to contact Customer Service at: or 08 8348 1200.

While the requirement to wear a mask has been removed, PEER will continue to have them available and encourage anyone who is feeling unwell or concerned over their personal health, to be comfortable to wear a mask.

If you have any questions please contact Customer Service, your Trainer, or ATS.


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