Have you considered a PEER traineeship?
October 18, 2019

Kaitlyn is happy she chose a PEER traineeship!

Just graduated PEER trainee. NOW, Customer Service Coordinator.
Certificate III in Business


Why choose a traineeship?

I decided on a traineeship due to the ability to earn while I learn, in a friendly and supportive environment.


What were you doing before you started your traineeship?

Before starting my traineeship, I had just finished my final year in high school and was also working part time in retail as well as doing casual night shifts at a pub/restaurant.


Why did you choose PEER?

I chose to my traineeship with PEER due to its reputation for supporting their apprentices and trainees and because of their success rates.  I felt like PEER would provide good support to me throughout my traineeship and ensure success for future employment.


One piece of advice for anyone thinking about a skilled career?

I personally believe everyone should consider a skilled career! By doing an apprenticeship or traineeship, you are being supported to learn to the best of your ability while working alongside qualified people who are like mentors. A traineeship is something more personal and direct compared to learning in a class room or from a text book.


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