Available Apprentices

TradeYear LevelSuburb

Electrical1st YearSALISBURY21/09/2019Testing, Control Devices, Cable Tray, Cabling (TPS), Terminate Cable, Lighting, Testing, Distribution Boards, Circuit Breakers, GPO’s, Lighting, PLC’s, Trenching, Conduit, Optical Fibre, Ducting, Catenary, Cabling (XLPE), Structured Cable, Switch Boards
Electrical1st YearCRAIGMORE8/10/2019Terminate Cable, Optical Fibre, Structured Cable, Access Control, Cable Tray, Catenary, Cabling (XLPE), Cabling (TPS), Lighting, GPO’s
Electrical1st YearCAMPELLTOWN14/01/2020Cabling (Other), Cable Tray, Conduit, Cabling (TPS), Cabling (XLPE), Terminate Cable, Lighting, GPO’s, Catenary
Electrical1st YearOAKDEN8/11/2019Cable Tray, Cabling TPS, Conduit, Cabling XLPE, Solar, Ducting, Cabling other, Testing, Catenary, Terminate Cable, Lighting, GPO’s, High Voltage
Electrical1st YearMACCLESFIELD14/01/2020Cable Tray, Cabling TPS, Conduit, Cabling other, Catenary, Terminate Cable, Test & Tag, Lighting, GPO’s, Cabling XLPE
Electrical2nd YearNAILSWORTH12/02/2020Cable Tray, Cabling TPS, Conduit, Cabling XLPE, Switch Boards, Ducting, Catenary, Terminate Cale, Lighting, GPO’s, Testing, Test & Tag, Structured Cabling, Cabling other, PLC’s, Optical Fibre, High Voltage, Control Devices, Public
Electrical2nd YearASHFORD1/11/2019Cable Tray, Test & Tag, Cabling (TPS), Terminate Cable, Lighting, Cabling (Other), Testing, CCTV, Conduit, Catenary, Structured Cable, GPO’s, Ducting, Cabling (XLPE), Optical Fibre, Control Devices, Switch Boards, Intruder Alarm, Solar, Coaxial, High Voltage
Electrical2nd YearSALISBURY13/11/2019Conduit, Cabling XLPE, High Voltage, Cable Tray, Cabling TPS, Control Devices, Solar, Switch Boards, Ducting, Cabling Other, Testing, Catenary, Terminate Cable, PLC’s, Testing, Test & Tag, GPO’s, Lighting, CCTV, Coaxial, Structured Cabling, Control Devices, Optical Fibre, Access Control
Plumbing2nd YearPLYMPTON26/05/2020Copper Work, OXY/Acetylene, Rehau, PVC, Water, Welding, Estimating/Costs, HDPE, PVC, Install Hot Water, Gas, Multi Story, Storm Water, Levels/Dumpy, Gas Testing, In Ground Drainage
Plumbing2nd YearNORTH HAVEN11/11/2019HDPE, Sanitary Ware 2nd Fix, In Ground Drainage, Multi Story, Rehau, PVC, Water, Storm Water
Plumbing4th YearNAILSWORTH18/02/2020In Ground Drainage, Copper Work, Storm Water, Install Hot Water, Rehau, PVC, Gas, Water, HDPE, OXY/Acetylene, Sanitary Ware (2nd Fix), Levels/Dumpy, Welding, Roofing, Pump/Tanks, Gas Testing, Multi Story, MDPE
Plumbing4th YearDOVER GARDENS14/06/2020In Ground Drainage, Rehau, Levels/Dumpy, PVC, Copper Work, HDPE, Sanitary Ware 2nd Fix, Gas, Pump/Tanks, Welding, OXY/Acetylene, Water, Storm Water, Estimating/Costing, Boiling water Units, Install Hot Water, Gas Testing, Multi Story, Roofing, Solar Install
Refrigeration1st YearSEATON19/11/2019Service, Fault Find – Ref, Install, Maintenance, Evaporative, Fault Find – A/C, Evacuate, Evaporators, Component Change, Reclaim, Compressors, Pressure Test, Leak Test, Condensers
Refrigeration4th YearPARALOWIE17/03/2020Pipe Work, Maintenance, Evaporative, Install, Fault Find A/C, Fault Find – Ref, Reclaim, Pressure Test, Leak Test, Brazing, Install, Pressure Test, Welding, Testing, Condensers, Recharge, Evacuate, Evaporators, Component Change, Fault Find – Elec, Commissioning, Brazing

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