Daniel Kelly takes home Gold Medal Award!
November 7, 2017


On Friday 3 November, Master Plumbers South Australia (MPA SA) held its Presidents Lunch at the Adelaide Oval.

We are pleased to announce that PEER Plumbing Apprentice, Daniel Kelly, was successful in winning the MPA SA Gold Medal Award!

Daniel is a fourth year apprentice and is currently placed with Smith Brothers Group. He is an outstanding apprentice, who has proven to be an effective ambassador for the plumbing industry through his passion and commitment towards his apprenticeship and the trade.

Daniel says he is grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to him.

“Such a successful and fulfilling apprenticeship wouldn’t have been possible without the group training model offered through PEER. I was offered the opportunity to gain a broad range of experience in many areas of the plumbing industry,” he says.

“I am proud of how far I have come since beginning my apprenticeship and it was a great honour to receive such a high level of recognition from the Master Plumbers Association and from the broader industry. I feel both accomplished and confident enough to now continue my career as a tradesman and look forward to all the opportunities yet to come.”    

Thank you to all who have contributed to Daniel’s success.

Well done to Daniel, we are very proud of his achievements!

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