Collaboration with rural communities at its best!
August 25, 2022
On Thursday 25 August, the South Australian Skills Commission held their South Australian Training Awards Recognition Event at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The South Australian Training Awards are the State’s peak awards for Vocational Education and Training, recognising quality, excellence and innovation in training.

PEER is pleased to announce its success in winning the Industry Collaboration Award. This award recognises collaborations driving exemplary skills development between a registered training organisation and an employer/industry body.

PEER’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Rungie says: “It is so rewarding to partner with an organisation like BHP, who are committed to helping their apprentices to succeed and realising the benefits this program can have to the broader Roxby Downs and Port Augusta communities.”

“We set out to create a program with BHP that focused on introducing new apprentices to the rigors of life at Olympic Dam in a safe and supportive environment.” he says.

“This is a fantastic achievement for PEER, BHP, MTA and ATEC, who have worked incredibly hard to make this a successful program.”

PEER is also extremely proud of VET in School’s Student, Madison Taylor, for taking home two awards: Vocational Student of the Year Award and the Voter’s Choice Award. The Vocational Student of the Year Award recognises an outstanding student’s achievement in a course of study leading to a nationally recognised qualification.

Madison (Maddy) is a rural student completing her Year 12 studies at Burra Community School and has completed a Certificate II in Electrotechnology with PEER.

Maddy is passionate about her community and advocated for her school to find a trade program which could be run in their local area, providing all students with the opportunity to study a trade.

“I was interested in becoming an electrician, so the school contacted PEER and they agreed to teach the trade at our school within our workshop each week.”

“My VET coordinator first inspired me as he said that this would encourage the community to break the stigma around women working in the trade industry.”

“I’m proud to be able to represent the Burra community and proving that a rural area can win!”

PEER is excited to continue working with Burra Community School and would like to thank them for their support.

PEER acknowledges the considerable effort undertaken by the South Australian Skills Commission to organise such a significant event and congratulates all winners and finalists.


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