Cert III Qualification Transition
November 23, 2022

If you have a plumbing, electrical or refrigeration apprentice, you need to know this.

The Certificate III qualifications are changing; this means that your apprentice will need to be transitioned across to the new qualification. Not only will your apprentice learn about the latest changes in technology, industry practices and licensing, PEER will make sure you are ready to go with this new transition.

What does this mean for your apprentice?

  • The CPC32413 will be transitioning to the CPC32420 – Certificate III in Plumbing
  • The UEE30811 will be transitioning to the UEE30820 – Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
  • The UEE32211 will be transitioning to the UEE32220 – Certificate III in Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration

PEER has an open and flexible approach towards this transition and will work alongside employers, to minimise the effects that it will have on the apprentice and the employer. 

As part of the transition there may be a requirement for your apprentice to undertake ‘Gap training’ the difference between the old and new qualification. If this is the case for your apprentice, PEER will be flexible in providing continuous gap training days to minimise lost time. This is to ensure apprentices will return to their normal scheduling as quick as possible.

PEER can structure a flexible learning plan that is built around your work schedule.

For more information about enrolling your apprentice at PEER’s trade school visit peer.com.au/apprenticeship-training. Our open enrolment timetable means you can transfer and sign up your apprentice with PEER at any time, from anywhere.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Service Team at PEER on 08 8348 1200 or customerservice@peer.com.au.

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