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You can get up to $10,000 for hosting a new Apprentice with the Job Accelerator Grant

Host Employer Agreement

To obtain a copy of the Host Employer Agreement call 8348 1200.

Recruitment & Selection

We manage the whole recruitment and selection process by carrying out all of the following Application Process:

  • Interview
  • Medical Examination (Prior to Offer of Employment)
  • Employment
  • Induction


PEER takes the safety of our Apprentices seriously therefore we have strict policies and procedures that are enforced, such as:

Work Health & Safety (WHS) Legal Requirements

The South Australian WHS Act (2012) and WHS Regulations (2012) apply to all Apprentices and Host Employers.


It is a WHS requirement and a Host Employer must induct an Apprentice into their workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PEER will provide PPE to the Apprentice, that is relevant to the trade.

WHS Agreement

A Host Employer will enter into a binding WHS Agreement with PEER.

Further WHS information is detailed in the Host Employer Agreement.

Financial Policies

Payment of Accounts

  • Payment terms of the account are within 7 days of receipt of such invoices/statement via a Direct Debit System

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